9577133Now entering its fourth decade, Troutwine and Associates, Inc., a psychological consulting firm, has established itself as a leader in performance profiling. Developed for students, corporate executives and athletes, our unique systems and services deliver information vital to the performance, success and growth of the individual and the organization. Dr. Troutwine recently co-founded The Right Profile (TRP), along with experts from business, legal and technology, to integrate his systems and assessments with the latest technologies, analytics and patent-pending methodologies in behavioral science to transform the way organizations select & develop talent.

Athletics – The TAP (Troutwine Athletic Profile) is designed for coaches and athletes seeking key insights into improving individual and team performance. All players invited to the annual NFL Combine take the TAP, as have thousands of others competing at all levels including MLB and NBA prospects. Teams also use the TAP for selecting scouts, coaches and support staff. For athletic programs from high school to the pros, The Right Profile offers the end-to-end TAP 360 System for evaluating, coaching & developing athletes for optimal performance based upon their unique mental make-up. Learn more here: www.athletetypes.com


Business – Our ESP (Evaluation of Service Potential) can help human resources professionals understand, predict performance, select and train staff members by providing a psychological profile of each person’s makeup.  Additional assessments include more in-depth analysis and consulting reports on key staff and executive candidates as well as broader, organizational focused consulting such as streamlining processes.

Education – The ESP system benefits students and educational institutions by providing objective program evaluations and guidance for continued improvement. The TAP Leader Profile offers leadership assessment and development for students and trainees.

Legal – more than just a jury consultant, helping attorneys with jury selection, the firm relies on several years of experience and various scientific methods to help lay out the winning trial strategy.

Training and Presentations – ranging from 2 day workshops to 20 minute after-dinner speeches, founder Dr. Troutwine has addressed numerous audiences on topics like motivation, team building, conflict resolution and performance related subjects.

The Troutwine products and services are designed to help enhance the performance of any person on the playing field, in the office and in life.